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Semiconductor market is very dynamic due to evolving semiconductor technologies. Various technology domains are vast due to emerging protocols in communication, storage and networking. The expectations from a design engineer have grown multifolds in the area of EDA Software Usage as well as Domain Expertise.

Books do not suffice the knowledge required for development. Mentoring by team members is unstructured and costly. Our courses are inline with the current industry expectations and developed with the technical support from EDA Software Companies and leading industry professionals.

Application Specific Integrated Circuits

ASIC PhotoIntegrated Circuits designed and optimised for certain application are called Application Specific Integrated Circuits or ASIC. Such designs may require knowledge that is very diverse.

We provide hands on training to design such circuits from conceptual design to final product design, packaged in a generic plastic/ ceramic package or a custom BT Module. Currently workshops are available for Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, T/R Switches, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Mixers, Phase Locked Loops, and System Design for Transceivers. read more...


FPGA PhotoField Programmable Gate Array (or FPGA) has a matrix of Configurable Logic Blocks (or CLBs) that provide method of programming and inter-connect. Using FPGA various digital circuits for a design can be programmed. Merits of such reconfigurable hardware are- short protyping time, ease of debugging and low costs.

We provide training on Xilinx and Altera FPGA Architecture and walk you through various design more...


Memory PhotoHigh Speed Memories are used in phones, cameras, laptops, PDAs and other digital devices. They are capable of high speed access and data rates approaching 9.6 GB/s for a memory module.

We provide training on high speed signaling schemes for inter-connects like BTL, GTL, AGTL etc. and for Digital I/Os like HSTL, SSTL, LVDS, ECL, PECL, CML etc., memory blocks like DDR SDRAM, QDR SDRAM, XDR SDRAM, Reduced Latency DRAM etc., memory controllers, high speed I/Os (Rapid I/O & Rocket I/O). read more...

Digital Design

Digi PhotoDigital Design is digital circuit implementation for FPGA and ASIC. Digital Design flow starts with functionality specification and timing constraints followed by choice of taget technology (ASIC or FPGA/CPLD). Design Flow for FPGA/CPLD involves choice of appropriate FPGA/CPLD, RTL Modeling, Functional Simulation, Synthesis, Place and Route, Net-List Simulation and finally programming the device.

We provide training on complete design flow for Xilinx/Altera FPGA. For students we have a special module that covers digital design concepts such as- combinational/sequential circuit design, state machine modeling, two level and multi-level minimization, event based design using petri-nets/i-nets, and RTL coding basics. read more...

Bus Protocols

PCI PhotoBus is a data link between two devices. Choice of bus protocol depends on application bandwidth, data integrity requirements, type of target device and acess scheme.

We provide training on bus architecture for various protocols like PCI Express, PCI, SPI and I2C, design of device interface and controller design for inter-protocol communication. read more...


Meas PhotoMicrowave, RFIC or High Speed Digital Measurements involve very expensive equipment setups, callibration standards, cables, connectors and switches. Also measurement setups are sometimes tricky. So special care is needed.

We provide hands on experience handling such equipments, callibrating them, and suggesting some useful setups for power, linearity, phase noise, harmonic distortion, data integrity, EMI, and jitter measurements. We show you how to utilize connected solutions between hardware and software to bring down your measurement costs. read more...