Embedded Design Services!


We provide cost effective and time efficient development in following market segments

Health Care Monitoring Products and Solutions
We have designers with in-depth knowledge in networking using Zigbee and TCP/IP. Our health monitoring solutions are build around these protocols. Web connectivity assists doctors across the globe to diagnose and provide valuable consultation to patients in critical condition. Patients can benefit from medical attention at home. Health Information System (HIS) has database connectivity which provides patient's medical history to doctors at any point of time.
Office Communication
Voice activated badges to provide communication between office colleagues at very low cost per badge and using ultra low power. Meshed self-healing networks provide reliable voice link even in harsh industry environments.

Identity Management

Meshed networks provide information about employees in office premises. This helps in maintaining security at work place. Office access can be programmed at any point of time by varying the profile of an employee.

Automotive sensor and actuator networks operating at ultra low power provide monitoring and control of various subsystems in a vehicle. Meshed wireless networks provide more reliable connectivity than hard wired subsystems.

We provide CAN and LIN based interface for wired connectivity.

Process Automation
Harsh industrial environment is just the right place to use Zigbee Mesh Network for sensors and actuators. We provide process automation using right combination of technologies- realtime processing and control by ARM Powered Processing Unit and low cost Zigbee nodes at sensors and actuators. Distributed Multiprocessors across the network provide realtime control in time critical applications. Various area of expertise are- temperature, pressure, flow & level, and pH monitoring, control and database connectivity.
Home and Office Appliances
We provide embedded solutions for various home appliances to extend their funcionality and connectivity. Embedded C and Java are our core expertise.
Supply Chain Management
Active and passive RFID tags, bar-code readers and their connectivity to computers (database) for inventory management is our focus area.
Data Storage
We provide solutions for SCSI, SATA and Fibre Channel Interface.