We represent a business philosophy!


We do not beleive that we are the leaders in various technologies. We believe that we are diligent, thoughful, time efficient and resource efficient workers with a focus on particular problem given to us by our customers or driven by market requirements. We strive to be intelligent decision makers internally to best manage our time and efforts to deliver to market or customers our well executed solutions.

We have technical elite in the field of RFIC, Analog IC, MMIC, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Software, Systems Engineering, Digital Design, Embedded Design and Networking. We have on board IIT Graduates, PhDs from US Premier Schools and advisors from IIT and IISc.


This company was founded by Anurag Nigam. He has MTech Degree in Satellite Technology and Applications from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has around seven years of industry and research experience in companies like IBM, RF Arrays, and Persistent Systems Private Limited. He holds one US Patent and has one publication in IEEE Journal. He considers himself to be a co-ordinator between teams headed by more qualified and experienced team leads.

Company beleives that it has to serve a purpose though its solutions. Revenue is a byproduct of successful executions of sound ideas.