RF Front-End Design Services!


MMIC Designs for RF Front-Ends

We have vast experience designing Power Amplifiers for linear and saturated applications in GaAs, Si and SiGe processes using any of the advanced devices like MESFET, pHEMT, and HBT. We can gaurantee a first pass success in some of the processes and with some of the devices. We are equally good with LNA and T/R Switch designs. We also design packages and evaluation boards.

We have experience designing RF frontends for handsets for IS95, WCDMA 3GPP, WiFi and WIMAX applications.

We have signed up with few GaAs Foundries and have tremendous experience with their pdks. We have well trained work force that uses Agilent's ADS MMIC Flow to guarantee across process corners, supply voltage and ambient condition performance with desired yield.

Kindly let us know your specifications. We will suggest you the foundry and provide you with a specification compliant design and layout.

We can assist you to evaluate designs in lab by helping you set up load-pull setup, single tone and two tone measurement setups, ACPR and %EVM Measurement setups.

We will be able to share few of the details of our previous experience in offline discussions with the customers.