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FPGA Based Soultions for Bus Protocols

We provide low cost IP Cores and FPGA Implementations for Bus Protocols like PCI Express, PCI, & I2C. We can help you with verification & redesign of your existing IP Cores. We provide unification of I/O achitecture for destops, mobiles, workstations, servers, communication platforms and embedded devices.

PCI Express

PCIE Photo

Our PCI Express Fabric provides point to point link to interconnect set of components namely Root Complex, Switch, Multiple Endpoints (I/O Devices), and PCI Express-PCI Bridge through PCI Express Links.


PCI Local Photo

Our PCI Bus implementation is a high performance 32/64 bit bus with multiplexed address and data lines intended to interconnect peripheral controller components, add-in cards, memory and processor systems.

PCI local bus implementation is processor independent and compatible with future processors and multi processor architectures.

PCI Bridge interfaces processors and memory to the PCI bus through which it can access any device mapped in memory or I/O Address Space. The devices can be high performance peripherals like video displays, LAN, SCSI, FDDI and Audio.

We implement I2C bus protocol to interfaces microcontrollers and peripherals like LCD Driver, Memory and Keyboard Interface.