A Specialized Workshop on Bi-CMOS and GaAs RFIC and MMIC Design at Telecom Malaysia!

March 24,2008- Anurag Nigam (NatTel Microsystems Private Limited) conducts a five day workshop for the engineers of R & D Wing of Telecom Malaysia. Telecom Malaysia (TM) is telecom giant in Malaysia providing landline, mobile, broadband internet and cable distribution services in entire Malaysia. Design Team at NatTel and TM are gearing to work together in near future.

Seven Member Team headed by Ms. Nasra

Picture on the Right: Wan Nasra Wan Firuz (Left) (Senior Assistant Researcher, Advanced RF System Cluster, TM Research & Development, Malaysia) listening to Anurag Nigam (CEO, NatTel Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.) on the fourth day workshop.


Picture on the left: Anurag Nigam presenting design flow for RF Circuits through hands-on design walkthrough using SiGe Bi-CMOS Technology

Workshop Outline: RFIC and MMIC Designs in SiGe Bi-CMOS and GaAs Processes

Picture on the right: System Group Members along with Design Team